13 Sales Enablement Tools to Supercharge Your Sales Team White Winter Marketing January 30, 2024

13 Sales Enablement Tools to Supercharge Your Sales Team

Sales Enablement Tools to Supercharge Your Sales Team

The world of sales is constantly changing as new technologies are developing daily. Giving your sales staff the necessary resources will enable them to operate at their best. While having a skilled sales team is essential, companies can only achieve genuine excellence by providing the right tools.

List of Top Sales Enablement Tools

Recent studies show that companies implementing sales enablement practices experience a 6-20% increase in sales revenues. The right sales enablement tools streamline processes, provide valuable insights, and help reps engage prospects more meaningfully. Here we list some of the industry-leading sales enablement tools that empower your sales team productivity.

HubSpot: Powerful CRM and Marketing Automation

HubSpot stands out as a strong option for mid-sized companies. While lesser-known platforms focus solely on features, HubSpot distinguishes itself through its balanced and people-centric approach.


This CRM cum sales enablement platform has several features, including:

  • Deals: Track revenue opportunities through customizable deal pipelines integrated with CRM data.
  • Pipelines: Manage sales processes through customizable pipelines and gain metrics-driven visibility into team performance.
  • Sequences: Automate repetitive tasks like email nurturing at scale to engage leads effectively.
  • Quotes: Generate professional proposals, collect electronic signatures, and enable automated payments in one place.
  • Forecasting: Project revenue accurately leveraging customizable forecasting categories and models based on stage progression.
  • Salesforce Integration: Companies can sync vital records seamlessly across platforms for unified customer profiling.

ZoomInfo Sales OS: Actionable Intelligence for Prospecting

ZoomInfo’s Sales OS is a powerful intelligence platform that delivers comprehensive lead generation capabilities.


Some of the essential components of this sales enablement software are:

  • Contact & Company Search: Leverage detailed profiles and open-source intelligence to qualify prospects deeply.
  • Track Key Contacts: Receive timely alerts about job changes within accounts for responsive engagement.
  • Market Research: Discover new opportunities with advanced B2B searching and data filtering.
  • Integrations: Streamline workflows leveraging unified tools, apps and integrated data sources.

ZoomInfo powers highly targeted, data-driven prospecting to maximize conversions across early funnel stages.

Zoom Engage: Personalized Engagement at Scale

Zoom Engage is one of the best products offered by ZoomInfo.

zoom engage

This sales enablement platform facilitates impactful interactions across the buyer journey, such as:

  • Sales Automation: Automate prospect outreach leveraging guided multi-channel sales flows.
  • Account-Based Selling: Gain robust account intelligence for tailored conversations and targeting.
  • Email Analytics: Optimize email campaigns leveraging AI recommendations and open/click data.

Zoom Engage delivers personalized engagement through intelligent automation for optimal results.

SalesLoft: Insights and Intelligence for Pipeline Management

SalesLoft provides essential capabilities to streamline workflows and enhance sales processes.


The features that help in personalized customer experience are:

  • Deal Intelligence: Gain a comprehensive pipeline view, including activity timelines and associated contacts.
  • Forecast: Achieve accurate forecasting and planning by leveraging role-based quotas and projections.
  • AI-Based Analysis: Surface actionable call insights and recommendations for optimized engagement.
  • Sales Assignment: One can automate task allocation based on attributes like a deal stage, role or specialist skill set.

Revenue teams can align goals, maximize efficiency and drive better outcomes with SalesLoft.

Fireflies AI-Powered Meeting Assistant

A decisive meeting intelligence platform, Fireflies enables rich insights leveraging machine learning.


The essential features of this sales enablement software are:

  • AI Transcription: Capture every customer interaction through searchable, AI-generated transcripts.
  • Conversation Analytics: Gain valuable engagement metrics and speaker analytics for coaching teams.
  • Soundbites & Playlists: Organize highlights to strengthen engagement, enhance recall and maximize retention.

Customers consistently achieve higher win rates, faster cycle times and greater lifetime values with Fireflies.

Seismic Sales Enablement Platform

Seismic sales enablement delivers a centralized content and process hub to align dispersed sales teams.

seismic sales enablement


It provides a range of features to improve the experience for customers. Some of them are:

  • Guided Selling: Equip teams with customized playbooks structured by role or buyer personas.
  • Content Management: Streamline asset organization and sharing, leveraging seamless integrations.
  • Usage Analytics: Measure effectiveness and optimize strategies based on engagement metrics.
  • Integrations: Tie with CRM, marketing automation, and collaboration platforms for end-to-end process visibility.
  • Permissions: Granular sharing controls by team, asset type or individual. Maintain security and privacy.

Seismic sales enablement can help to transform scattered sales efforts into synergistic processes.

Outreach Sales Automation Software

Outreach revolutionizes manual tasks into effective intelligent processes.

outreach sales enablement tool
  • Sales Automation: Personalize outbound and inbound workflows through automated cadences.
  • Opportunity Management: Gain 360-degree pipeline visibility and track progress uniformly.
  • Account Engagement: Schedule meetings, calls and tasks efficiently for focused prospect interactions.

Outreach streamlines busy work so teams can focus energy on high-impact activities.

Guru Knowledge Management Platform

Guru powers consistent sales conversations through accessible, curated knowledge.

outreach sales enablement tool

It helps to enhance personalized customer experience by:

  • Research & Surfacing: Discover timely product, industry or success stories content effortlessly.
  • Knowledge Base: Centrally organize curated product and industry information in an easy-to-navigate library.
  • Search & Discovery: Leverage AI to serve timely, relevant content based on context, like persona or stage in the journey.
  • Usage Analytics: Measure resonance and optimize knowledge strategies based on engagement data.

Guru strengthens relationships and conversions by enabling always-informed interactions.

Brainshark Sales Readiness Platform

Brainshark measures training efficacy to continuously improve sales competencies.

brainshark sales enablement

It offers various features of sales enablement software:

  • Content Creation: Develop digital curriculums incorporating multimedia modules and gamification.
  • Assessment & Tracking: Gauge comprehension through auto-graded quizzes and detailed analytics.
  • Coaching: Provide real-time mentorship leveraging engagement dashboards and benchmarking.
  • Gamification: Motivate learners with achievements, leaderboards for scores, and completion rates to drive engagement.

Companies can maximize ROI by optimizing programs informed by Brainshark’s performance insights.

Membrain Sales Guidance Platform

Membrain scales sales productivity by leveraging guided journeys and AI intelligence.

membrain sales enablement

This sales enablement platform uses AI in:

  • Account-Based Orchestration: Follow strategic playbooks tailored for target personas.
  • Conversation Management: Personalize interactions through AI recommendations and call summaries.
  • Activity Tracking: Gain KPI visibility into pipeline health, forecast attainment and sales rep progress.
  • Content Distribution: Seamlessly share collateral through personalized inline recommendations or sharing.

Industries can accelerate performance by applying Membrain’s data-driven customer engagement.

Showpad Sales Content Experience Platform

Showpad powers consistent omnichannel experiences leveraging interactive content.


It offers personalized customer experience by enabling:

  • Content Creation: Develop engaging multimedia assets through an intuitive no/low-code editor.
  • Distribution: Streamline sharing leveraging centralized vaults and AI recommendations.
  • Analytics: Uncover high-resonance content optimizing strategies based on usage insights.
  • Approvals: Establish collaborative multi-level content approvals process by type or team.

Businesses can engage customers through personalized journeys empowered by Showpad.

Highspot Sales Enablement Platform

Highspot simplifies content governance and sales process management.

Highspot sales enablement platform

It mainly offers:

  • Playbooks: Structure customizable guided selling journeys uniquely for assigned roles.
  • Activity Tracking: Analyze effectiveness leveraging playbook interactions, call summaries and email activity.
  • Pipeline Insights: Gain 360-degree opportunity oversight through deal stage progression dashboards.

Highspot streamlines the adoption of sales best practices and continuous performance optimization.

Ambition Sales Coaching Platform

Ambition incentivizes top performance and reinforces skills through gamification. It helps in achieving better customer experience by:

  • Real-Time Coaching: Provide context-appropriate guidance during live client interactions.
  • Benchmarking: Recognize high achievers against role-based KPIs displayed through interactive leaderboards.
  • Incentives: Foster healthy competition by leveraging rewards, achievements and notifications.

Drive aligned KPIs applying Ambition’s motivational coaching strategies.

Leveraging the Powerful combination

While individual sales enablement software solutions deliver benefits, maximizing value requires an integrated approach. Many platforms facilitate seamless data sharing and are compatible with sophisticated tech stacks. The right combined package based on specific organizational needs can revolutionize your sales processes, from prospecting to client onboarding, ongoing engagement, and lifetime value expansion.


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