Storytelling Secrets: How to create killer content for social media? White Winter Marketing March 18, 2024

Storytelling Secrets: How to create killer content for social media?

Storytelling Secrets How to create killer content for social media

Studies published in the Journal of Marketing Research showed that content elicits emotion and entertains people, making them 28% more likely to go viral. As soon as content goes viral on the internet, it gets a lot of audience’s attention. It is passed around and talked about more than any other content, which can generate intense debates, thus elevating its maker. Hence, as for the companies aiming to create a solid web presence and wanting us to reveal some amiable tips on creating first-class content that may become viral soon afterward. So, how to create content for social media?

Tips to create social media killer content

These storytelling secrets from our content experts help you grow your network and branding.

1. Make a delightful visual experience.

As consumers get much smarter on social media, they are also expecting great content. So, you will have to up your social media branding significantly by creating the best social media content plan.

Marketers and business owners need to work on their content if they want the attention of people- it really needs to be interesting, and useful. In a situation where you are focusing on a certain market, it is very important to add some relevant insights so that your content supports them and creates trust in the brand.

People are interested in the positive facts, figures, and new market trends that catch their eye – that makes them willing to share the content or ads they like. This is one of the best storytelling secrets that you must keep in mind when creating ads and campaigns on social media.

Ads that are simple and inspirational usually work very well. For instance, there is a 68-second global ad for the iPhone-12 Pro ‘Make Movies Like The Movies’ that talks about its features such as high-definition video filming, editing, and playback in addition to Dolby Vision.

2. Have a connection with your audience.

Trust is essential because 81% of the customers want it before buying from a brand. To establish long-term relationships and loyalty with your social media branding, brands should interact with the customers naturally on social media. Customers don’t want only good products; they seek a fantastic overall experience.

So, how to create content for social media? UGC is a powerful weapon. It can be in the image, review, or comment form. UGC increases the trust in brands and also appeals to like-minded communities. Trust can be raised up to 73% just by the positive reviews.

For instance, Starbucks organized some contests with the customers in which they decorated their cups to create a buzz on social media. This UGC-based creativity can be a game changer for the brands. Check content marketing examples that inspire.

3. Avoid Pushy Sales Posts

In social media, refrain from making too much effort for the sales because it may annoy your audience. Rather than that, work on producing inspiring and beneficial content for your audience. Find a balance between social media content marketing your brand and also offering value to the followers.

People will embrace promotional materials if such messages meet a genuine need in people’s lives. By no means should it be all about your brand; focus on the audience’s interests first. Begin with the positives and then lead them toward your products via a call-to-action. In exceptional cases such as Black Friday when people try to find the best offers, it is good for promotional activities that fit with their shopping preferences.

4. Understand your audience

Knowledge of your audience plays an essential role in the quest for viral content. Many brands erroneously think everything can go viral, but viral content is based on what appeals to people.

To resonate with your audience, you must learn about them first. This includes different types of interactions, like utilizing social media and email marketing. A full-fledged guide to targeted email marketing will tell you that it is worth having meaningful conversations with your audience, depending on where they are in the sales funnel. Here are some other effective strategies:

  • Conduct Surveys or Polls: We bet you ignore this tactic when you think of how to create content for social media. Include surveys or polls in the targeted emails or social media posts. These may ask particular questions that reveal much about your audience’s likes which provides an opportunity to understand your audience.
  • Create Buyer Personas: Create buyer personas from zero. The time-tested approach lets you understand your audience’s pain points and determine what matters for them individually.
  • Study Competitor’s Content: Let us focus on what your competitors do well. Treat their content as a viewer and pinpoint features that keep you engaged. Use these strategies in your social media content plan strategy.

Through applying these techniques, you will be able to obtain priceless information about the wishes of your audience and create content that not only appeals to them but also has a good chance of becoming viral.

5. Convey a compelling story.

Once upon a time, there was a simple yet powerful trick in the world of social media branding and storytelling: crafting a story that surrounds your brand and repeating it. Let us take a cue from Toms, a brand that does this art so well. The sight of barefoot children in Argentina deeply saddened the brand’s owner. This emotional event is the spark that ignited the brand and inspired most of its actions, reflecting a noble goal.

Now, if you’re eager to craft your brand’s captivating tale, here are some golden tips to consider:

  • Create Relatable Characters: Create characters in your story that the audience can relate to and root for. People love engaging with the characters’ activities.
  • Establish a Clear Plot and Conflict: Create a story with an arc and a problem that speaks to the difficulties people experience in their daily lives. This makes them feel empathy and belonging.
  • Use Sensory Details: Use sensory details to paint a picture. Create descriptive mental imagery that will make your audience experience the ups and downs of your story.
  • Incorporate a Surprise Twist or Resolution: Keep your audience interested by throwing in some unforeseen turns or endings. A pleasant surprise cannot only engage your audience but also be a hot topic of discussion, which may turn on the virality of your story.

Remember, in stories, it is not just the story itself but how you tell it that decides who has control. Therefore, build your brand story with patience and see it come to life in the hearts of your audience, a tale they will hold dear.

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6. Make your content visually attractive and appealing.

Consider browsing through video platforms, and there it is—a video of someone obtaining a quick, luminous complexion. Almost the glow is felt through the screen, and it’s exciting.

This kind of visual content has the power to attract user’s attention. It is memorable on account of its appealing presentation or quality. It is easily noticeable how the product affects people; consumers may be willing to try it themselves.

  • High-Quality Visuals: Based on Glow Recipe, use quality images or videos that demonstrate the impact of your product.
  • Eye-Catching Graphics: Use engaging and interactive graphics like animations to make your content more appealing.
  • Colors and Fonts: Enhance readability and brand identity by maintaining the same colors and fonts. This social media content plan helps establish a visual identity that users will recognize as your brand.
  • Whitespace: Use white space to complement the overall design and make it a more visually appealing experience. It focuses on and emphasizes essential features in your message.

With the help of these tactics, your content will look attractive and make a lasting impression on the audience that will be pulled into their world of visual pleasure.

storytelling secrets

7. Create emotional resonance

Creating emotional resonance is like establishing a valuable rapport with your audience and one that can result in meaningful engagements in the future.

Many companies use humor as a tool to produce a positive emotional reaction. There is something about funny videos: they can make people happy and gather only positive responses. However, some choose empathetic or sympathetic storytelling.

To create a sense of urgency, fear can be used and is especially effective in promoting time-bound events such as sales that are about to end. Contrastingly, nostalgia can create a homely, reassuring feeling that draws users to your content.

Through these emotional triggers, you can build a more significant bond with your audience and establish the ground for future encounters driven by shared feelings and memories.

8. Create your content that you can share.

Going viral depends on the availability of shareable content because this aspect can move your message far and wide. The different social media platforms have their forms of sharing content, so it is necessary to ensure that your content targets these mechanisms for sharing.

  • Eye-Catching Thumbnails: Grab your viewer’s attention using a catchy video thumbnail so that viewers know what they will see when they click on it in their feed.
  • Compelling Headlines and Descriptions: Create accurate but attention-grabbing headlines and descriptions that arouse curiosity and motivate users to click the link.
  • Social Media Buttons: Include sharing buttons on your content to ensure viewers can share with their networks without too much trouble.
  • Calls to Action: Prompt sharing by a clear call to action that encourages viewers to share the content with their friends and followers.
  • Optimal Timing: Post your materials when the target audience is most active. This may differ according to the region, so look at different time regions for maximum participation.

Consider the millions of non-native speakers or learners who intend to get familiar with your language. By using an online video translator, you can open up a world of possibilities and take advantage of the huge potential global market.

With these social media advertising tactics in place, your content is ready for sharing, increasing the possibility of wildfire propagation across social networking sites.


In the world of digital storytelling, “Storytelling Secrets: The Art of creating fascinating stories has been revealed in “How to Create Killer Content for Social Media.” Resonating with audiences is the success formula in this digital environment. Companies can drive themselves into the limelight by evoking emotions, initiating dialogues, and telling engaging stories.

Remember, every post should help you achieve your objectives; talking straight to your audience is the magic ingredient. Leverage visuals and use your audience knowledge to create the spark to enable engagement. With these storytelling tricks, you are not only producing content; you build a dynamic online image that touches people’s hearts and minds.

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