13 Content Marketing Examples: Get Inspired and Make Your Business Stand Out White Winter Marketing December 21, 2023

13 Content Marketing Examples: Get Inspired and Make Your Business Stand Out

Content Marketing Examples to Make Your Business Stand Out

Are you one of those looking for the best content marketing examples? You are not alone. Businesses are constantly evolving their marketing strategies and content marketing is no exception.

Creative content is what drives a marketing strategy in today’s digital world. It entails creating and communicating relevant, uniform, and worthwhile material to sustain a well-defined and focused group of people.

Businesses can gain a competitive advantage through content marketing that helps them project themselves as thought leaders, increase brand exposure, and improve sales.

However, there’s a challenge: some aspects of creative content marketing can be very demanding.

Fresh content marketing ideas will only sometimes come your way whenever you are involved day in and day out with a content marketing campaign.

That is precisely why we have made this article. We have some fascinating content marketing examples on blogging, social media, video, or visual advertising for both B2C and B2B.

These real-life business world content marketing examples are aimed to give you content marketing ideas for innovative approaches and inspire you to make outstanding content marketing campaigns.

1. Spotify Wrapped Playlists

One of the music streaming app’s most successful content marketing ideas is Spotify Wrapped. By the end of the year, Spotify users can look forward to receiving their custom music recap.

A summary of all the wonderful music a user has listened to during a year. There are well-labeled genres, years, top artists, and graphics that are visually attractive and engaging.

Spotify Wrapped

However, Spotify Wrapped remains unique in developing a personalized playlist comprising one’s top tracks played that year. The playlist is a treasured collection of the user’s yearly musical experience.

On the other hand, users can also enjoy the privilege of sharing their wrapped playlists through several social media. This sharing feature also made the campaign an annual social media sensation from its first appearance. This ‘wrapped’ trend has spread its wings and other brands and social media users took no time to make this their most-loved trend.

2. Work-Life by Atlassian

The story is from the blog Work Life, which resides inside Atlassian and guides teams towards greatness. This is not merely a blog but a highly improved site that offers essential information about team building, discusses various leadership styles, and draws learning materials from the world’s wisest leaders.

For example, it includes one of its notable posts, “how to write smart goals.” Semrush’s Organic Research reveals that this post gets about 86,000 organic visitors monthly. This demonstrates the blog’s reach and ability to deliver helpful content to many readers.


The Work-Life blog of Atlassian, which is the content marketing ideas that inspire, does not just offer some practical tips to all employers but also proves its concern towards creating a conducive working atmosphere in the workplace. It is an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to improve their team dynamics, leadership skills, and work life.

3. OptinMonster

 Firstly, in examining content marketing examples, let’s go to OptinMonster’s blog.

OptinMonster’s blog is essential to its existing and aspiring customers who want innovative ways of using OptinMonster and practical techniques for generating leads.


The blog has become an authoritative voice on lead generation. It is the first place that people visit when they want to increase their email subscribers, increase conversions, and make more sales. Bookmarking the OptinMonster blog is an intelligent decision if you aim to attain such goals.

It is worth noting that over 1,213,437 sites have come into being mainly because of this blog. That’s an affirmative mark of the worth of the blog and the influence of such content on business success in the digital world.

4. Duolingo’s TikTok

Perhaps you know DuoLingo as a platform that facilitates learning new languages, but on TikTok, the “unhinged” mascot of DuoLingo has gained fame and is considered to be one of the content marketing ideas we must follow.

Duolingo's tiktok

The green owl mascot of DuoLingo has attracted more than 4.5 million followers from TikTok because it offers an endless stream of content. Amazingly, most of these videos do not directly advertise the company’s products and services. Instead, they concentrate on producing funny and fashionable material.

DuoLingo’s approach has worked well, effectively increasing awareness of the brand on TikTok. It, however, is a significant feat because many other brands have failed to make a dent in the platform.

5. Sisters from AARP

A sisterhood from AARP is designed for black women with discussions on health, money, relationships, and others. The inclusive environment offers them a refuge to address these critical matters openly and without generational gaps.

Sisters from Aarp

The Sisters’ community of the AARP achieved outstanding fame for gaining a Content Marketing Award. This acknowledgment confirms the quality of its contents as varied in different themes but with one distinctive style and voice.

The success of Sisters AARP is the best content marketing plan that explains the measures taken during its development. Interested individuals who wish to learn more about this prosperous community can click on the Content Marketing Institute article.

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6. Buffer

Buffer is one of our best choices regarding content marketing examples, primarily because of the diverse and well-planned content marketing strategy.

Initially, the company adopted a growth hacking strategy based on guest blogging. Every day, they authored many articles and submitted them to well-reputed channels. To this end, this method was effective, allowing Buffer to bring in the first hundred thousand followers.


Buffer then focused on its blog and created material for those who influence their customers. The quality of their content was not only high but extremely shareable, leading to increased reach.

In time, Buffer extended its contents to four Trans, including the Open blogs. The blogs narrated how their story unfolded as they took readers through the highs and lows of the journey.

Moreover, Buffer used email marketing to send its most popular content to its target audience.

7. Canva Design Challenge Campaign

In 2023, Canva, one of the top graphic design platforms used by businesses, influencers, and creators globally, launched an innovative program to support startups.

Then, they kicked off a weekly contest called #CanvaDesignChallenge. Participants in this contest can win impressive prizes, such as a paid annual subscription to Canva.

Canva content marketing

This challenge is special because it asks for unconventional images that are pretty unusual or “strange.” The participants are allowed to unleash their creative selves. A team of Canva employees systematically reviews the submissions and chooses the best five every week.

You can peruse prior weekly challenges, browse through past weekly winners featured each week on Canvas Instagram, or try your hand at one. It involves the Canva community and demonstrates how this platform can promote creative designs and quality.

8. HubSpot

In exemplary content marketing, HubSpot is constantly outshining other competitors. Several strategic content marketing strategies underpin the firm’s success, making it the best example in this field.


Here’s a glimpse into HubSpot’s content marketing process:

  • In-Depth Blog Posts: HubSpot has been adept at writing in-depth and pertinent blog posts that address their readers’ needs and queries. The articles attract traffic and help put HubSpot as a trustworthy data source.
  • Content Upgrades: Adding content upgrades such as ebooks, which offer more detailed information and relevant references, helps to reinforce the significance of their blog posts. Leads are not only caught by this approach but also involve readers.
  • Inbound.org: Inbound.org is an educative hub that promotes content sharing initiated by HubSpot with over 321,000 monthly readers. The platform is an excellent way to promote their certification and partnership programs.
  • Video Content: HubSpot produces a variety of videos for different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok and even drives traffic to these videos by using LinkedIn. It is a multiprong strategy, ensuring that they catch their audience in their active ground.

The incredible growth and excellent recognition represent how reasonable HubSpot’s efforts have become in using content marketing. Blogging, content upgrades, education platforms, and video marketing are used to become content marketing plan pioneers. Take a look at HubSpot Marketing Strategy Case Study

9. Hairstylist Theresa Van Dam’s TikTok

Lenox, Illinois, is home to Theresa Van Dam, one of the best hairdressers who runs Fantastic Sam’s Salon and is the star of TikTok. Her TikTok fame comes from comical skits about dealing with demanding customers who are often termed “Karen.”

Unlike other bloggers, Theresa’s content is relatable, which distinguishes her. Most people understand what it is like to handle troublesome or hard-to-please customers. Her funny approach makes people laugh and strikes a chord in anyone who has gone through similar experiences.

Hairstylist Theresa Van Dam's TikTok

Viewers come for some laughs, but they are also shown her outstanding hairdressing skills. Theresa has gained over four million followers on TikTok through her amalgamation of relatable humor and expertise. While recording some videos several times, Theresa emphasizes that her customer base has dramatically expanded, and new clients are forced to book her months ahead.

A case in point is TikTok Theresa Van Dam, who has done tremendously well in social media because of combining relatability, humor, and display of expertise. You must read her case study to understand her content marketing plan.

10. Family Fun in Scottsdale- Marriott (Lemonly)

If you have spent most of the winter indoors but are longing for a new view and planning to tour with your family, think of the Marriott in Scottsdale, Arizona, as an inventive solution. They have created a creative website allowing visitors to craft their own “family fun” experiences in Scottsdale and the surrounding area of Arizona.

This interactive webpage offers a delightful choice: “outdoor adventure” or “eating”, which  The Wheel of Fortune at Marriott lets visitors decide their fate. It is all about empowering customers and users with choice-making. Many people enjoy a sense of control over their lives.

Family fun

This can be instrumental for those ignorant of all Scottsdale has to cater to. It makes it easier for visitors to choose experiences that match their needs. It will make their stay in Marriott pleasant and encourage them to explore more of what Scottsdale has to offer.

Offering choices and personalizing approaches to customers are the key strategies that Marriott in Scottsdale employs that enable customers to create unforgettable family breaks.

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11. RafflePress

One such social networking platform where RafflePress is growing its presence is Facebook. Such a move conforms with their purpose of increasing blog page visits.

This content marketing plan strategy allows RafflePress to gather testimonials in their posts’ comments sections as an extra advantage. Such recommendations are decisive social proof that other customers had a positive experience.


This method has twin benefits. Initially, it draws more customers to peruse the RafflePress blog or their site, boosting interaction. It also uses the goodwill of happy customers to say that the product is worth it by reinforcing its credibility.

To elaborate, even simple steps such as posting blogs on social media play a vital role in marketing the business as it develops.

12. YouTube Channel of Girl with the Dog

Girl With The Dog is an interesting YouTube channel made by Vanessa, a skilled pet groomer and Perfect Pooches Dog Grooming owner in Ontario, Canada.

Vanessa’s grooming prowess is on show in this channel, which offers first-rate content marketing consisting of fun and information. It is a delightful mix of engaging content comprising funny dramatics where large huskies fight tiny blowers or pet transformations.

The efforts that Vanessa has put towards her content marketing have been great. This can be seen in her YouTube channel, which has 1.5 million followers. However, besides expanding her online availability, Vanessa’s client base is no longer limited to dogs but includes cats and even the occasional pig.

Girl with the dogs

Her philanthropy is equally remarkable. Her successful content marketing has enabled her to raise funds for animal sanctuaries, and hence, she looks after even animals beyond her grooming salon.

For instance, Girl With The Dog’s YouTube channel shows how incorporating entertainment, knowledge, and love for pets can create a massive online fan base and contribute to protecting neglected pets.

13. The New York Times’s Wordle

Every day, a single-word puzzle is presented at the Wordle site hosted by The New York Times, with each user only having at most six tries.

The streak counter that automatically determines successive wins is one of the game’s fascinating characteristics. Moreover, one can boast of their winnings to their friends on social networking sites, making the players feel like winners daily.


However, what makes this game stand out is its online popularity. Straightforward yet riveting, the game page was viewed 51M times organically in the US with 1.9M backlinks as of February 2023.

Wordle’s success underscores a valuable content marketing lesson: often enough, simple is the best content to be engaging. On the other hand, complexity may result in confusion, which can be mitigated by keeping things as simple as possible. These simple measures will increase user engagement and appeal.


Content marketing remains one of the most powerful tools businesses can harness in 2024. These cases show the different success routes, such as the ingenious strategies adopted by brands like Canva, HubSpot, and RafflePress—also, the relatable and entertaining content of creators like Theresa Van Dam.

As we’ve seen, engaging, relevant, and shareable content still forms the foundation of a successful content marketing plan. Whether it’s about creative campaigns, educational tools, or interactive experiences, content that speaks to the audiences will boost your brand. These bright stars exemplify an era of continuous change among digital marketers that helps companies go beyond for better days ahead.

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