Why high-school career guidance is crucial? admin October 31, 2023

Why high-school career guidance is crucial?

High school is more than just a stepping stone into college and adulthood. It’s an essential stage in life where young people begin to understand who they are and set their career aspirations for the future.

Without proper guidance or support on these critical choices, many students go through school without awareness of their actual goals, leading to frustration and anxiety about decisions around higher education and job prospects.

This is why high schools must provide quality career guidance during this time so that each student can feel informed about potential paths of study and employment and counseled on how best to pursue them.

Professional services like career counseling sessions or work-based learning programs can be beneficial for helping students discover their interests, strengths, weaknesses, and other vital knowledge related to finding success after graduation.

Community service projects also substantially widen a student’s point of view on career opportunities and provide practical knowledge that gives it an advantage when applying for jobs in the future.

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