How To Manage Work Life Balance for A Woman?  admin October 31, 2023

How To Manage Work Life Balance for A Woman? 

With work turning remote, work life balance for women is more challenging than ever. Even otherwise, the instances of women juggling between work and family and losing out on personal time are common.

Work life balance is essential to achieve goals as well as to relax and rejuvenate. In reality, achieving work life balance for woman seems nearly impossible. But with a little self-motivation, discipline, and consistency, a happy balance between work and life is easy to achieve.

The first thing that strikes us when we think of work-life balance is the free time to exercise, meditate, or go on a walk to lose that extra fat piling up due to sitting jobs.

However, let us decode work-life balance in simple terms: You are blessed with a balance between work and life when you have time to breathe in peace, enjoy nature, and have s little me-time without any distractions.

Here are simple tips for women to enjoy such a balanced work and life:

  1. Learn to say No: Saying no is often essential, It will conserve your energy and establish boundaries with people who want to drain your energy. Hence, learn the art of politely declining offers and tasks that you do not want to /cannot do.
  1. Stop being perfect: Perfectionism is a time-killer. Every woman wants to be perfect at home and work with the notion that people are observing her and hence doing justice to both roles is her sole job. However, this can be a counter-productive effort. Be good in all you do, stop worrying about being perfect.
  1. Set routines: Set firm time boundaries for work, family, social, and personal tasks. After the set time, focus solely on the other spectrum of your life and do not think about the other works. One thing at a time is what is the secret to more productivity and attaining work-life balance.
  1. Stay organized: Disorganization is a productivity killer. Invest in organizing your home and work. Keeping things handy and home organized produces positive energy and keeps you relaxed.
  1. Take help: Every working woman carries the guilt of being unable to manage both home and work. Keep the guilt aside and understand that you are doing the best you can. Seek help, delegate tasks, and find some relaxation time for yourself.
  1. Don’t postpone: Often due to lack of energy or motivation, it feels easy to postpone tasks. However, the burdening pile of pending tasks keeps spiking the stress levels. Hence, bid adieu to procrastination and do tasks as and when they are to happen.
  1. Go on a digital detox: Once a week, switch off all electronic devices and go on a digital detox. Connect with nature, spend time with family, and refresh your inner senses fully. This will rejuvenate you, instilling a fresh energy that will keep you going for the week ahead.
  1. Break big tasks into small chunks: Often the size of work can appear daunting. In such instances, break the task into smaller milestones and complete them one after the other. Rest and celebrate at every step and keep moving forward with consistency toward the next goal.
  1. Accept your limitations: Not everyone can do everything. Realize this fact and accept your limitations. Remember that it’s okay to have a dull and unproductive day.
  1. Take breaks: As basic as it sounds, breaks are essential to prevent burnout. Make it a mandatory task to take a break at least once a week to stay energetic.

In addition to the mentioned tips on work life balance for women, it is important to consume healthy snacks, and wholesome meals and get quality sleep every day to stay healthy and active from within.

What is your mantra for maintaining work-life balance? Comment below.

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